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66 Kaizen is a range of hair products inspired by a notorious Japanese motorcycle gang that came to prominence in the 1950s. The ‘Kaizen’ were the most notorious motorcycle gang in Shinjuku, known not only for their savagery but strangely, for their impeccable appearance. Inspired by Western symbols of rebellion such as the brooding American icon James Dean, they wreaked havoc on the streets of Tokyo.

On a crisp night, the Yakuza invaded the home of the gang’s leader, holding a Katana to his throat. Scared for his life, the leader offered to give up his territories and authority. The Yakuza however were not interested in such petty things, exclaiming to the young rebel “we don’t care about your land, your power, your crew. All we want to know is, how do we get your hair?”. The leader reached into his back pocket to pull out a tin can with the simple words, ‘Sixty Six Kaizen Pomade’ inscribed on the top. From that day forward, the two worked in harmony, creating and distributing the product through black markets all over the world.